common learning problems

What are the most common learning problems and how to deal with them?

What are the most common learning problems and how to deal with them?

Difficulties in capturing, processing, and mastering new information affect school performance and interpersonal relationships.

hence we talk about learning and attention problems we mean a wide range of difficulties at school, at home, and in society in general. They are not the result of where they grew up or their parenting style, but of problems at the level of the brain and, in general, respond to genetic causes.

Learning and attention problems include various types and degrees of severity, including difficulties with reading, writing, mathematical comprehension, organization, concentration, listening comprehension, social skills, motor skills, or a combination of these.

With information from the Healthy Children organization, here we list some of the most common problems:


Dyslexia is about the difficulty to read that usually occurs in childhood and continues beyond adolescence. It is not a vision problem, but rather that the brain is reversing or modifying the sequence of the information it receives from the eyes. In another type of dyslexia, the difficulty lies in the delay in relating a word to its meaning, which delays understanding.

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It is the difficulty in writing, as a result of dyslexia, poor motor coordination, or problems understanding (interpreting) space. Presented with illegible, misspelled words, and poor spelling


It is difficult to do mathematical calculations including basic mathematical concepts.

Memory and auditory processing disabilities

Difficulty understanding and remembering words or sounds because memory is not storing or decoding them correctly.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHA

This behavior disorder includes learning and language problems, aggression, discipline problems, depression, or anxiety.

Autism spectrum disorder

Autism includes a variety of symptoms ranging from mild to severe such as poor social skills, hypersensitivity to images and sounds, and difficulties in adapting to change, mainly.

Asperger syndrome

It is known as mild autism, where children have average or higher than average intelligence, as well as verbal precocity that makes it difficult for them to interact in social settings.

The first step to properly managing these problems is to identify the difficulties a child is going through in the learning process to get the help they need to get ahead.

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