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keyshla vazquez bad girl

w@T uP HolL@ 2 AlL mY HoMiEs SoO w@T Up Continue

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keyshla vazquez $ keyshla $

hey yall all my homies Continue

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HE HEH HEH! I like apples and oranges and pizza etc. :P Continue

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OMFG! We gonna have a pizza party in a class(can't say) n school! :P WAT NOW PPLS XD Continue

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Diane Sign up today for the Catalyst Mini-Summit!

Hi everyone, Sign up today here:! Big news at Catalyst HQ, we are expanding our focus to work on healthy eating and nutrition, and we want to celebrate with all of you! We will still be working on tobacco but now we will also be looking at how to get healthier food into the schools yo… Continue

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3mo Cookie Monster DUDE!!!!!

The singer of framing Hanley AKA Kenneth Nixon is freaking awesome.. and superely HOTT!! Heres a pic of him and the band!!!! :


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3mo Cookie Monster Live the way YOU want to live!

[ Draft ] You need to know that i live my life to the fullest and always will no matter what you say to me. I've had hard times in my life and I know whats its like to want to eliminate myself and other people. But let me say my thanks to all my kickass friends out there, especially to my closest friends out there: Joe your one of the best guy friend I've had sense the gay guy from kindergarten till 6th grade. Kim you were always there for me when i had tough times an… Continue

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Brittany Manor wow! the last month or so has been busy busy busy for me i lived with my friend until my mom moved h…

wow! the last month or so has been busy busy busy for me i lived with my friend until my mom moved here to owatonna i went to a new school tried now school work met new people tried new things hung out with diffrent people i am not use to but gave them a chance. met some people i should stay away from moved to a new apartment had my birthday went and visted my friend in austin my friend/cousin's dad died my mom went out on a date and she hasn't forever i fell head over heels for a guy i just met… Continue

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Kari My ALC Story

Have you ever gone to an ALC or ever visited an ALC? If you have, you may know for yourself that each ALC is unique in its own way. ALC schools have a message that no other schools can deliver to their students. ALC schools make you aware that you are welcome; that you can have trust in them, and that you’ll fit in among the other students. They don’t judge you even if you came from the streets. They give you the hope and encouragement to graduate and move on to better things in life. If you’ve… Continue

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Carolyn Avaire Put Your Ladder Back in the Garage and Get out Your Hiking Boots

Take charge, chart your own course, and pack your own gear. "Life is a steep climb, and it does the heart good to have somebody "call back" and cheerily beckon us on up the high hill. We are all climbers together, and we must help one another. This mountain climbing is serious business, but glorious. It takes strength and steady step to find the summits. The outlook widens with the altitude. If anyone among us has found anything worthwhile, we ought to "call back"." I did not come up with t… Continue

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Carolyn Avaire Professionalism in the Schools

I am inspired to write this blog because of Shane’s story. This quote specifically, "The teachers are strict and don't leave their emotions at the door like were supposed to. And you're just another student, you're not a person. And the schools huge, i honestly missed alot of class time for just being late."

I have noticed that this is a reoccurring them for why students leave school...huge schools, lack of connection and no desire to connect with a clique-ish atmosphere, unhealthy so… Continue

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Ashley How Ashley Got to Learning Alternative

When I was starting high school I thought it was going to be scary. Also I was at a new school with so I started out with no friends. I started out at Centennial High school, which is a really big school. but I only went there for about a year. Cause something really personal came up and my parents ended up getting a divorce. So I moved back to the school i ended eight grade in St. Anthony village. I was a sophomore when I started goi


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why is every little girls dream to become princess? No matter what
color no matter rich or poor that seems to be every little girls
dream. I know it was mine when I was about 5 or 6 I used to always
imagine I was the princess of the Ida B. Wells (thats the name
of the projects in Chicago that I grew up in) I use to stand between
the orange poles(thats where my throne was at) and imagine my
prince charming was comi

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Holly January Brings the snow... makes your feet and fingers glow!

School's getting pretty hectic this month. My involvement in the school play, The Mouse Trap, a murder mystery by the brilliant Agatha Cristie, has shortened my evenings considerably. It's going to be a great performance, though, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm considering volunteering my time after school and on weekends next block at Sunrise Assisted Living home in Roseville. It is so much fun talking with the residents, playing games, and entertaining them with my


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Ashley if you love me then fuck you, if you hate me then fuck you.

yeah. just me chillin. bored, thinking about typing my story to soraia cause she asked me to.
eh its all fun and games tell ya'll get your ass handed to them.
hahaha that talk shit get hit, bitch i hit you then you would put my bitch ass in the hospital.
fuck i'd prolly die if someone tried to fight me. damn i only fought one person but she deserved it.
she kept talking shit bout all my friends.
but yeah oh well. im uber bored and i just want to put my thoughts on paper, a… Continue

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Holly Happy New Year!

It seems like 2007 blew by so quickly! I guess that just means that I had a good year, 'cause you know what they say: time flies when you're having fun! School is going really well. I just completed a block-long independent project on Greg Mortenson and the Central Asia Institute, which builds and funds schools for boys and girls in remote sections of Afghanistan and Pakistan. With the help of my whole school, I ran a fundraiser that raised $483 for the Institute. It was a completely gratifyi


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Salma Hussein Truth be told

We live in a world that encourages young boys and girls to turn to violence and drugs
Who wants to be called a nerd and miss out on all the fun, they say
When it’s easier to get high on drugs and imitate thugs
Walking around with the belief that there’s always tomorrow to change but for now its okay

The truth makes many hide their face
Turning the other corner and blinding themselves with their fairy tales
Maybe that explains why were in last place
And our boys a… Continue

Added by Salma Hussein on December 11, 2007 at 2:14pm — 3 Comments

Salma Hussein Put your thoughts on paper

My poem might not rhyme
But it carries a message one that concerns our time

We live in a society that focuses on dreams
Even if those dreams mean for a 14 year old girl to starve herself due to low self esteem

Were too busy to stop for second and ponder
To evaluate all the corruption thats taking place and then we wonder

Why is that the world is full of so much pain?
Why can't we learn from the past and what have gained?

I'll tell y… Continue

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Holly December 10

Hey everyone! School's going really awesome this year, and this week I finished an all-school fundraiser that raised over $300 for the Central Asia Institute's Pennies for Peace program. All that money will go to children in very remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan, so girls and boys can go to school. Have you read Three Cups of Tea? It's an awesome book co-written by Greg Mortenson, founder of the CAI. Check it out! Birthday's comContinue

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Ashley Now we got a big big mess on are hands tonight.

Flying monkeys! Dang I hate boys. I hate when you like someone and you know they don't like you and you wanna get over them, but its so hard!

At my old school it wasn't so hard cause the only boys I talked to were kids I Knew in 8th grade or they were gay. And I didn't like anyone cause they were preps and were scared of me. Which came in my benefit. And this year alone I have liked three guys. And I never thought that was possible.

Some days I think its just a waste and I kno… Continue

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