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The Battle Royale rules my soul!!!

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What's your relationship to school?
Your age
Tell us a little about yourself.
Well I go to Spring Lake Park Learning Alternative Community School and i love it there.
I love caffeinated drinks
I love drawing
I love Photography and Photoshop
I love music
I love my family and friends
I love my cat
Why are you interested in Students Speak Out?
I went to a MAPP Stars thing and a lot of people were talking about it even one of my fellow students, so i decided to check it out, and from what i see it seems like a very rad place.

Daisey's lick your eyeballs when you sleep.

I am Ashley, I am 17, and Life is rad.
This song is the best thing ever!!!
Well at the moment.
It kinda reminds me of people.

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At 11:34am on May 21, 2008, Kim FB said…
Ashley -- please make sure to check out the new R.T. Rybak post and respond! Request to be his friend, too, please. We want to hook him on the power of SSO. Boost his excitement about it so he'll keep coming back!
At 6:53pm on March 6, 2008, Carolyn Avaire said…
HI Ashley,
How was the Leg Day at the Capitol? I was thinking about all of you. Was the speech the way you wanted it to be?
At 11:24am on February 5, 2008, Kim FB said…
By the way -- will you reach out to Molly when you have a chance (friend her or comment to her)? Because she joined us late, I want to make sure she is welcomed as a part of the team.
At 11:23am on February 5, 2008, Kim FB said…
Hi Ashley -- Have you noticed your post on the main page? Thanks for your basecamp post this weekend.

If you have some time, what do you think of going to member's comment walls (like this one on other people's pages) and posting something like this, but in your own words:

Hi! I'm Ashley, and I'm an SSO Goes Alternative Student Leader. Have you been to the SSO Goes Alternative Group? Click "Groups" above and come read my story. I hope you'll let me know what you think and post your story too. Everyone who posts their story will be entered into a drawing to win a sony net-sharing camcorder! Hope to chat with you soon....Ashley
At 5:17pm on January 30, 2008, Kim FB said…
Will you post your story here on your page (on your blog) as well? That way, we can feature it on the main page too!

So, here on your blog AND in the group.
At 12:40pm on January 29, 2008, Kim FB said…
Hey! How are you? Will you have time to make your post today? In some ways, you already DID do a post on these topics, huh? Maybe just post an encouraging word to others about how the posting will help us with our project?
At 8:43am on January 24, 2008, Kim FB said…
Ashley -- When you think back about the story of how you got to SLP (that you told in the SSO Goes Alternative forum), in light about what we're learning about NCLB, do you think someone may have tried and pushed you out? Read that hypothesis statement again, and if you think it is possible, perhaps you could tell you story when you post?
At 11:57pm on January 23, 2008, Kim FB said…
Check out the SSO Goes Alternative Group! I put up the message from the leaders. Now it's up to you to post your story, as is described on our task list on Basecamp. I'm thinking you will have something to say about # 1 on the list.
At 10:41pm on January 8, 2008, Brian said…
Hey wats up
just started up on SSO and just going around saying hi to every body. So how are you liking it so far. i'm kinda just getting the hang of things. my music isn't coming on when i try to upload it if you can help me out that could really help me alot.

At 7:27am on December 21, 2007, Carolyn Avaire said…
Ashley, could you jump in on the "So Much Possibility" discussion? I am curious what you think about why some students are bored. Also, what is your passion? What do you focus on most in the academic realm? What just "clicks" for you?

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