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On Students Speak Out we share our experiences and ideas to help people who make decisions about our schools understand the issues that impact us.

We want to define the issues for ourselves, and identify solutions. Our voices deserve to be in the mix. We can inspire change!

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Welcome to Students Speak Out-Minnesota. What you see here is exness real account kenya work with students to participate authentically and constructively in policy conversations. We especially encourage you to take a look at our SSO "archives" and "findings" pages. If you are interested in working with Citizens League to involve young people in your work, please contact us: We'll send you more information about the processes and tools that make SSO tick and tell you more about how we can meet your needs.

A special message to our members: To use our SSO resources responsibly, Citizens League has decided to operate SSO on a project-by-project basis. This means that each new SSO project will have its very own site. We'll no longer run all Minnesota projects through this site (although we don't rule out the possibility of opening the site again if a project calls for it!). Consequently, we will no longer take new members on SSO-MN and in site conversations. We maintain the terms of use, however, and encourage any existing members to report any issues or concerns.

Thanks to all of our members, who have made SSO-MN a smashing success. We won't forget you, and will certainly make you aware of new opportunities to participate in SSO projects.


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Ideas to Introduce an advisory period during school, PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK! 6 Replies

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Was it okay to strip search a 13 year old girl at school? 35 Replies

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Who's Reading Your Posts?

"I’m listening. I am working with Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School Professor and author of the bestselling book The Innovator’s Dilemma as he prepares a new book on K-12 innovation called Disrupting Class. The stories you're posting here relate to the research Christensen is doing, and your experiences are great insights into what young people in school are thinking. We are aware that we're writing about a process we haven't directly experienced in a long time, so your thoughts are really valuable to us."
Curt Johnson, Citistates Group

"I’m listening. I’m researching the spectrum of online schools in Minnesota, especially how they motivate students to attend school and learn. I know some of you attend these schools, and I am interested in learning from you."
Tim McDonald, Education|Evolving

If you’re reading this site and the ideas students post here are influencing your work, please let us know--even if you’re not a member of the site. It’s really important to the students to know who is considering their ideas. Please send your quote, and we’ll post it here. If you are interested in building your own student voices process, or citing material found on this site for your work, the Citizens League can help. Contact us:




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